Thomond Community College

Thomond Community College offers students a broad curricular experience. Programmes include an:

  • Induction Programme for first year students, to ease their transition to Post-Primary
  • Junior Cycle
  • Junior Certificate Schools Programme
  • Transition Year (Optional)
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme
  • Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.

Junior Cycle

Thomond Community College offers a wide range of subjects at Junior Cycle. Students follow a set curriculum to the Junior Certificate which is a three year programme. Students are encouraged to work to their full potential and take as many Higher Level subjects as possible.

Core Subjects

  • Irish English Mathematics & Business Studies

Additional Subjects

  • Art C.S.P.E. Computers
  • French Geography History Home Economics
  • Metalwork Music Physical Education Religious Education
  • Science Spanish S.P.H.E. Technical Graphics Woodwork


All Junior Cycle students participate in this additional Junior Cycle Programme. The JCSP records the progress of each student in an Individual Student Profile Folder. There are regular award ceremonies, at which students achievements are acknowledged and celebrated. There is a Graduation Ceremony in 3rd Year at which their completed Profile Folder is presented.


The Leaving Certificate is a two year programme. It is envisaged that all students will take a minimum of seven subjects for their final examination. A comprehensive range of subjects are offered to students and are allocated depending on student interest and availability of resources.

Core Subjects

  • Irish, English and Mathematics

Option Subjects (select any four)

    • Accounting Art Applied Mathematics Biology
    • Business Chemistry Construction Studies Design & Communication
    • Graphics Economics Engineering French Geography History Home Economics Music Physics Spanish

Additional Subjects

  • Career Guidance Computers Physical Education Religious Education

Additional Programmes Available


This is a one year programme designed to develop self-directed independent learning. It is taken by students who have completed their Junior Cycle Examinations.


This is a distinct, self-contained, two year modular programme aimed at preparing learners for adult and working life. It is characterised by educational experiences of an active, practical and student-centred nature. Students are awarded credits for assignments and attendance, in addition to end of year written examinations.

As an alternative to the traditional Leaving Certificate, LCA is best suited to students who may achieve their potential in a practical programme with a strong vocational emphasis.


Subject to eligibility this is a programme modelled to prepare students for life after school. The programme focuses on Personal Enterprise and the World of Work. It rewards students with an additional certification as part of their Leaving Certificate Examination. LCVP offers students the possibility of obtaining additional CAO points.